To The End of 2020

Friends, this year has been quite the Chaos Dragon that we’ve all struggled to hang onto.  Right now we’re ending the year with a lot of “congratulation, you made it, nothing will change” energy.  But nonetheless, I’m going into 2021 with the same Ambition Energy I came into it with.  And even though I felt like I could have done better in the past year, I did accomplish quite a bit.

  • I put out two novels, ending Phase I of the Maradaine Saga!  With The Fenmere Job and People of the City I like to think I landed that first step of the patently absurd triple jump I’m attempting.  And most of the reaction to People has been one of “I was worried he wouldn’t pull it off, but he did”, which makes me deliriously happy.
  • I wrote & edited The Velocity of Revolution,  you will be able to get into your hands on February 9th!
  • I wrote the novel that you’ll be getting in October of 2021!  I first promoted it as A Constabulary of One, but the process of writing it made that title feel more and more incorrect.  So the title is in flux, but for now let’s call in Untitled Corrie Welling NovelYes!  This is Corrie’s novel, where we follow what happens to her after the events of A Parliament of Bodies.  I’ll be telling you more about it soon, but I’m thrilled to show you a lot more of the larger world outside of Maradaine through Corrie’s eyes.
  • I wrote a novella!  It stars Phadre and Jiarna from the Thorn books, and it’s a lot of fun. How to best describe the vibe?  Mystical romantic light noir?  I have no idea what its destiny is going to be yet, so we’ll see how it’s going to get into your hands.
  • I, with my astounding co-hosts Rowenna Miller and Cass Morris, produced 25ish episodes of Worldbuilding for Masochists.  This has been a fabulous and fun project and, especially in this very isolating year, gave me a good excuse to chat with all sorts of people, at least over video calls.
  • I continued to build out the plan for Phase II of Maradaine, which I hope to tell you all more about soon.

So: I did all right, at least in terms of meeting goals.  But there’s always room to improve, and I hope to do even better for 2021.  Hope the new year brings blessings to all of you as well.

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  1. I am terribly excited about Phase II of Maradaine. Most creative and enjoyable fantasy series I’ve read in quite some time, and I read a lot of them. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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