Maradaine Phase Two Announcement

All right, I’ve held my tongue long enough, and in light of recent news, there’s no reason not to tell you all my full intentions for Phase Two of the Maradaine Saga.  After all, both The Assassins of Consequence and The Quarrygate Gambit have come out, and if you’ve finished those books, you’ve seen the tease for what comes next.

So, without further ado:

Yes, that is a lot!  So what can I tell you about all of this?   I’ve already told you about the Saga Shorts, though there might be some timeline shifts there (Hultichia will probably come out in early 2023, rather than trying to squeeze it in among the holidays.)

But the rest?  Let’s go through it!

Satrine investigates a serial killer, while Minox’s time in restricted desk duty nears its end, and he hopes to be reinstated as he works on learning how to control his magic.  But when Minox’s cousin Evoy goes missing, he’s thrown into turmoil as his search dovetails into Satrine’s investigation.  As they both track an Uncircled Mage they suspect is the killer, the real danger may closer to them than they ever thought.

Dayne and Jerinne face ratcheting tensions in the city as the political trial of Tharek Pell launches a radical movement, and the plans of the Grand Ten come to a head.  The entire Druth government, from the Crown to the Parliament, could be unraveled as plots and secrets come to light.

The chaos of the Fenmere empire and the Aventil gangs is only intensified by a new leader taking command of the Sons of Tyson, making war on all parties.  Veranix is determined to keep out of it and focus on his education, but all the magic students are recruited to help hunt this new “Thorn”. Veranix finds himself pressed on all sides, and he must finally decide which part of his life has his true loyalty,  before everything is burned down.

Asti and Verci work to pull together every ally they have, using every clever plan and gadget they can put together, for one grand scheme to dismantle the financial and political forces behind the Andrendon project, before their entire neighborhood is destroyed.

Minox and Satrine secretly work together to bring down the ringleaders at the heart of the conspiracies plaguing the constabulary, finding themselves completely without allies. Everything they believe in is put to the test as they discover the tendrils of corruption continuing to spread through Maradaine.

Dayne and Jerinne work to expose the real truth of the Grand Ten, forcing them to confront the lies that the nation was built on, while striving to hold onto the very spirit of Druthal that they believes in.  To defend everything they love about the country, they might have to become rebels against the crown and parliament.


FINALLY, I’m often asked this question: will there be another book for Corrie Welling and the other Displaced Daughters?  The answer is a tentative yes, and it will likely have the same sort of “interlude between phases” placement that An Unintended Voyage had.  But title, format, etc. is still in flux.  So more news when that’s a little more solidified.

This, combined with the other projects I’ve got working, should keep me pretty busy for a while.  I won’t make a timeline-based announcement for these titles, but let’s tentatively say that 2023 will be a rebuilding year, and we’ll start to see real momentum in 2024.

Thank you all so much for your continued support.


  1. Who do we have to hassle to get these ( and the two most recent books) in print when the time comes?

    1. These, like Mystical Murders of Yin Mara, should come out in print. The two most recent, that’s still a work in progress.

  2. This is awesome. I for one am more of a digital guy but i fully support you in keeping books available in all formats.

    And i’m so captivated by Maradaine that i’ll be there whenever you release anything in this setting.

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