WorldCon Bound and other milestones

WorldCon / LoneStarCon starts today.  I won’t be going down until tomorrow afternoon, unfortunately, but I’m very excited.  A little nervous, as this is my first “big” con, but I think it’s important to keep stepping things up.  I made myself a little pledge a few years ago to keep doing new things– convention and career-wise– that scare me a little.  Two years ago that was being on panels and a Writers’ Workshop teacher at ArmadilloCon.  Last year it was giving a reading.  This year, I think WorldCon, in and of itself, is sufficient. 

I’m not an official participant, which is fine, given my current status as a writer.  I will be an unofficial participant in one thing, however:

Rayguns Over Texas Group Reading/Signing
Saturday 1700-1900
007A (Convention Center)

Even though I’ve mentioned it before, it bears repeating that I am immensely pleased to be included in Rayguns.  From what I’ve seen of the preview excerpts, everything in it is great.

Furthermore, with Rayguns now released, I believe my eligibility for the Campbell Award starts today.  If I’m wrong about that, someone let me know.

In other news, I’ve now sent a polished draft of Way of the Shield to my esteemed agent.  I’ve also updated the excerpt over on my webpage, so go and check that out.  This novel was particularly challenging to write, certainly more so than the other three books set in Maradaine.  It definitely was the one where the original outline survived the least in the writing process.  My original concept was more of a mystery/thriller, with a plot involving figuring out who was killing members of Parliament.  That didn’t really fit the themes I was working with, and also made things feel a bit too close to what I had already done with Maradaine Constabulary.  The end result is much stronger, I think.  We’ll see if the agent agrees.

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  1. Maybe we’ll run into each other at the Con, but only now am I realizing that you’re also in the Austin area. (I live in the Pflugerville/Hutto area.) We should grab lunch sometime in town. There’s also a Indie Writer’s meetup group I’ve been going to downtown on intermittent Saturdays.

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