Worldbuilding Round-Up

As a result of both my current “crockpot” project being fully in its worldbuilding stage, I’ve been putting together some of my bottom-up worldbuilding thoughts into a more cohesive form.  While worldbuilding is equal parts art and craft, it does require a fair amount of research and competence in a number of different fields of expertise.

But in the meantime, here are some posts and other resources for the basics of bottom-up worldbuilding:

This is something I happen to have on hand, because it's that important.Groundwork: Geography, biomes and ecology.

My original post on biomes:

World Wildlife Fund’s biome page, including info on freshwater & seawater biomes:

My original post of domesticatible plants and animals:

My post on creating new fauna, especially domesticatible ones:


Building from the Dawn of Civilization

My post on transitioning from Neolithic to Agricultural and early civilizaitons:

Neolithic Founder Crops:

The Food Timeline:

Points of Origin for Herbs and Spices:

My post on cultures finding every use for a resource:


Creating Civilizations

My post on constructed language basics:

Phonology Generator:

The International Phonetic Alphabet:

Text Generator (for making words once you have a phonology generated):

My post on Technology Basics, told through Drinks and Weapons:

My post on Levels of Industry in Worldbuilding:

Cultural Rituals of Coming of Age:

Marriage and Other Rituals of Love And Joining:

Rituals for the Dead:

Arts and Culture:

Traditions of Justice and Law:

A brief Worldbuilder’s Bibliography:

An older Worldbuiling Roundup:


Hope you can find this useful.  I hope to put this stuff together into a single document in the near future.  Possibly so I can have handouts at panels.  Handouts would make me look extra prepared, no?