Updated Worldbuilding Round-Up

This July continues to be extraordinarily busy, so here is an updated toolbox for All Things Worldbuilding.

This is something I happen to have on hand, because it's that important.Groundwork: Geography, biomes and ecology.
My original post on biomes
Domesticatible plants and animals
Creating new fauna, especially domesticatible ones

Building from the Dawn of Civilization
Transitioning from Neolithic to Agricultural and early civilizations
Neolithic Founder Crops
The Food Timeline
Points of Origin for Herbs and Spices
Finding every use for a resource

Creating Civilizations
Constructed language basics
Phonology Generator
The International Phonetic Alphabet 
Text Generator (for making words once you have a phonology generated)
Technology Basics, told through Drinks and Weapons
Levels of Industry in Worldbuilding
Cultural Rituals of Coming of Age
Four-Dimensional Worldbuilding
Marriage and Other Rituals of Love And Joining
Rituals for the Dead
Arts and Culture
Worldbuilding as a Living Process
Worldbuilding: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Their Story
Traditions of Justice and Law
How Arms Make The Character
Subcultures and Code-switching
A brief Worldbuilder’s Bibliography
An older Worldbuiling Roundup

Hope you can find this useful.  I hope to put this stuff together into a single document in the near future.  Possibly so I can have handouts at panels.  Handouts would make me look extra prepared, no?


  1. What a fantastic post. I intend to keep it for future reference. So much information and useful links. Thank you very much. It must have taken an age to do the research, and you’ve saved the rest of us so much time.

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