The Assassins of Consequence

Honestly, how is it MARCH already?

Here we are, just a few weeks away from the release of The Assassins of Consequence, and I’ve not even told you all anything about the book or how to get your hands on it.

First off, here’s a description:

The autumn semester at the University of Maradaine is underway, and Veranix Calbert is doing his best to balance the new responsibilities of being a fourth-year magic student under the militant Altarn Initiatives, while still acting as The Thorn, the street vigilante deep in a personal war against the drug kingpin Willem Fenmere. With the help of his friends Kaiana, Delmin, and Mila, he’s been able to strike real blows against Fenmere’s empire.
But Veranix’s fight has earned him more enemies than just Fenmere, including the mad alchemist Cuse Jensett, the imposters Erno Don and Enzin Hence, and the Deadly Birds Magpie and Jackdaw. These five killers join forces to escape Quarrygate Prison and offer an alliance to Fenmere, bringing with them the perfect leverage to seal the deal: the Thorn’s identity.
Once Fenmere knows who Veranix is, he doesn’t just want to kill him, but to utterly shatter him. Calling on everyone in Maradaine holding a grudge against the Thorn, he unleashes a brutal hunt against Veranix.  With old and new enemies all looking to claim the bounty on his head, stripped of the security of his secret identity, Veranix faces the most brutal fight of his all too-short life.

Plus we have a cover!

Now, we also have some disappointing news with this one.  As of right now, The Assassins of Consequence will only be released in e-book format.  Will it get released in trade or mass market somewhere down the line?  I can’t say, and I wish I could.  Time will tell.  In the meantime, here’s your links:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | PRH | Goodreads


  1. I just finished the 3rd trilogy yesterday and will be diving into the fourth one later this week. I’ve been reading fantasy novels for 35 years and Maradaine has quickly become one of my favorite worlds. Well done!

    Bummer that the mass market edition might not be out right away. As much as I enjoy the feel of a book, I guess the digital future can’t be stopped. Although my wife is thankful since it’s less potential heavy boxes if we ever move again.

    Looking forward to V’s next novel.

    Not sure if you will see (or answer this) BUT a few years back you posted a spreadsheet of the numerous other novels that you planned for your series. Is that plan still in effect?

    Thanks and here’s to many further adventures! Cheers

    1. Thank you! It’s very appreciated.

      As far as future plans go, that spreadsheet still represents what I intend to do, though it regularly gets tweaked and altered in small ways. But I retain those long term plans.

  2. ARGH re. the trade or MM, but we’ll get the ebook, and then when it hopefully comes out in print, we’ll ALSO get the print . . . yes, we’re completists. 😉

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