Pre-ArmadilloCon, Part Two: Panels I’ll be attending

In addition to the panels I’ll be on, there are plenty of other panels I’m excited about. (Though possibly the one I’m most excited about, “The Second Book is the Hardest” with Scott Lynch, Amanda Downum and Stina Leicht, conflicts with one of mine, so I won’t be going.)
Friday, 8:00 pm
Building a Fictional Society from the Ground Up
P. Bacigalupi, E. Bear*, A. Latner, A. Marmell, J. Reisman, M. Wells
Worldbuilding, one of my favorite topics.  I’m sure I put in to be on this one, but plenty of writers probably would.  I’m quite interested.
Friday, 9:00 pm
Imagining the Future: World Politics, Global Economies and More
M. Cardin, K. Hoover*, C. Mills, A. Simmons, W. Siros, S. White
More worldbuilding stuff, though as it applies to SF-future building. 
Saturday, 10:00 am
Game of Thrones: Comparing the Book to the Series
M. Bey, A. de Orive*, S. Leicht, G. Oliver, J. Rountree
I’m definitely interested here.  I didn’t try and get on this one, since I knew I wasn’t expert enough in the books to add much.
Saturday, 1:00 pm
Pyr Presentation
L. Anders
What is Lou Anders presenting?  I’m not entirely sure.  But I want to find out.
Saturday, 2:00 pm
Writing a Strong Female Protagonist
A. Allston, E. Bull, A. Downum*, J. Kenner, T. Mallory, M. Wells
I think I did a good job on this with Maradaine Constabulary, but I always want to learn more.
Saturday, 4:00 pm
Learning from Others’ Mistakes: Writing Errors to Avoid
R. Bennett, M. Dimond, J. Kenner*, W. Spencer, M. Wells
This just sounds like a smart thing to listen to. 
Saturday, 8:00 pm
Wiscon and Elizabeth Moon: What Happened and What Can We Learn from It?
E. Bull*, S. Leicht, S. Lynch, L. Person, C. Rambo, L. Thomas
Definitely potentially intriguing.
Sunday, noon
Superhero Movies
B. Hale, R. Kelley, A. Martinez, J. Perez, L. Person, R. Rogers*
One of my favorite subjects.
Sunday, 1:00 pm
The Return of Sword and Sorcery
L. Anders*, L. Donahue, J. Hall, R. Rose, W. Siros
This, obviously, would be of interest.
Sunday, 2:00 pm
Writing from a Viewpoint Other than Your Own
A. Allston, J. Lansdale, S. Leicht, A. Martinez*, P. Roberts, W. Shetterly
Like the strong female protagonist panel, certainly something I can learn from.
Of course, plans like this are just plans.  They don’t always survive contact with reality.  Especially if there turns out to be a really interesting conversation in the bar.