Cover reveal for VELOCITY OF REVOLUTION and other news

Hello friends!

Hope you are well as the strangeness of 2020 continues unabated.  Normally, I would have been announcing things about ArmadilloCon a month ago, but there was no normal ArmadilloCon.  There was a virtual one, but I didn’t have a chance to tell you all about it and where you could see me until it was actually happening.  I am given to understand things were recorded and might be available, but I don’t have those details yet.  I will share them when I can.  One of those panels was with my Worldbuilding for Masochists cohosts, Rowenna Miller and Cass Morris.  And if you haven’t checked out that show, go do it!

Of course, the big news I can share right now is the cover for The Velocity of Revolution.  This book– I decided to write it because I wanted to challenge myself, get out of my comfort zone, and… did it ever do that.  It’s deeply different from everything else I’ve written, and I won’t lie, I’m a little nervous about it.  But the cover (by the absurdly talented artist Matt Griffin) is fantastic.  Hopefully the book lives up to it.  We’ll all find out on February 9th, 2021!  Preorder here.

From the author of the Maradaine saga comes a new steampunk fantasy novel that explores a chaotic city on the verge of revolution.

Ziaparr: a city being rebuilt after years of mechanized and magical warfare, the capital of a ravaged nation on the verge of renewal and self-rule. But unrest foments as undercaste cycle gangs raid supply trucks, agitate the populace and vandalize the city. A revolution is brewing in the slums and shantytowns against the occupying government, led by a voice on the radio, connected through forbidden magic.

Wenthi Tungét, a talented cycle rider and a loyal officer in the city patrol, is assigned to infiltrate the cycle gangs. For his mission against the insurgents, Wenthi must use their magic, connecting his mind to Nália, a recently captured rebel, using her knowledge to find his way into the heart of the rebellion.

Wenthi’s skill on a cycle makes him valuable to the resistance cell he joins, but he discovers that the magic enhances with speed. Every ride intensifies his connection, drawing him closer to the gang he must betray, and strengthens Nália’s presence as she haunts his mind.

Wenthi is torn between justice and duty, and the wrong choice will light a spark in a city on the verge of combustion.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that I’m not incredibly excited about People of the City coming out next month.  Mark your calendars: October 27th!  Tell your friends.  Now is definitely the time to start being that fantasy fan who starts getting shouty about that series you love that not enough people have read.  The first phase of the Maradaine Saga is coming to a climax here, so make sure you tell everyone.  Definitely the time to do a power read through the whole series, if you never have.

Speaking of telling everyone, my local arts paper, The Austin Chronicle, decided to do just that.  There was a very nice article about yours truly in last week’s issue.  And I should be able to tell you about a few other bits of news and publicity in the near future.

In the meantime, your periodic reminder that I have a Patreon!  Please give a little if you can, it’s always appreciated.  And if you can’t, you are still appreciated.

Happy Reading!