A New Year and a New Horizon

At this point I usually like to talk about What’s To Come in my intended year.  But first, let’s look at what my goals were last year at this time:

1. Book deals for Thorn of Dentonhill, Holver Alley Crew, and Maradaine Constabulary. Well, I did not get book deals for all three.  So the highest goal I set did not come to pass.  But who knows what tomorrow will bring?

2. Finish Rough Draft of Way of the Shield.  Done.

3. Finish Rough Draft of Banshee.  About 2/3 to 3/4 done.  Not too shabby.

4. Attend my first Worldcon.   Which I did, and in being part of the presentation for Rayguns, I had a good reason to be there.  So: Done.

5. Have a good reason to start second books of Thorn, Holver Alley or Constabulary.  See point 1, as before. I do have them well planned, should that good reason arise in the near future.

6. Hash out some of these random ideas into usable outlines.   I actually have done this.  I’ve parsed out characters, worldbuilding, and structure for a piece– as well as knocking out a few thousand words to start it out– of a potential future project. 

7. Never give upYup. 

So for 2014?  Everything about that isn’t done, keep doing.

Also: I’ll be running the Writer’s Workshop for ArmadilloCon this year.  Expect me to be talking more about that in the coming days.

Happy New Year!  Good luck in the word mines!