Cover Artist Love: Paul Young

I’ve said many a time how happy I am that my covers have all been done by Paul Young.  He’s created a look and feel for Maradaine, while giving each series its own flavor, and he’s done that by being very aware of the nature of the work, and being receptive and giving with his talent.

Now, I could go into further raving about his work on my covers– like ALL DAY– but I’ve done that before, and I want to do something a bit different.  I want to highlight some of his other works.  Pieces of his for other covers for other writers that really worked for me.  Evocative images that draw my curiosity about the stories hiding behind them.  That’s a big part of what Paul does, and I’m glad a piece of that work goes to my books.


  1. Great work! I love his Maradaine covers, and the images you posted show he has great range; I recognize some of them but had no idea they were by the same artist as your covers.

    1. P.S. Every other year, I fall down on nominating for Hugo Best Artist, sigh. I’m making a note of Paul Young for consideration next year. 🙂

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